Friday, July 15, 2011


We are on school holidays in my tiny corner of the world and it is pure heaven! No rushing around, less stress, no routine etc. We have already shifted about two hours forward in our usual routine, getting up later, having dinner later, going to bed later and it's wonderful :D This is a very much needed break for me, towards the end of last term I was not in a good place and felt like everything was caving in on me. I feel like I am starting to breathe again now which is great. Had my birthday on Monday and was thoroughly spoilt by the family which was lovely. I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new iPad 2 and it's awesome! I think I need to have it permanently grafted to my hand lol. Today is looking pretty sunny (still coolish) so it might be a good gardening day. I should take some pics of my bulbs that have started to flower already and why do my roses start to thrive as soon as the cold weather starts, the time when I am meant to be pruning them!! I had a delightful box of goodness arrive from Japan yesterday. I bought a Re-ment Puchi House from a girl on Flickr and I got it for a great price ( not ridiculous eBay price). So today I hope to put it together and play :D The one thing I love about it is the window sill, I know I must be flipping mad lol. I leave you with a pic of some adorable cupcakes that my friends dad made for her daughters birthday last month :) Happy Thursday everyone :o)

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