Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick update

Quick doll update time.

Volks Charlotte is almost paid off thanks to some Lati vamp sales. I sold my Lati Coco vamp in less than twelves hours! Also sold Lati vamp Lea in less than 24 hours! Unbelievable! I'm hanging on to vamp Lami for now, and it's funny she was the one I always really loved from the start even though I bought her as a head only. Still have vamp Lea's stock outfit and wig for sale if anyone is interested :o)

I still haven't sold poor tan Rio. I've had three people all really interested in her, the first one was all ready to put her on layaway and then flaked at the last minute, the second one did the same and the third is still trying to decide. I'm wondering if this is a sign? I still love her, basically I just need the money to pay off my credit card and although this can be done bit by bit over a few weeks I want to get it all paid and out of the way. But then I think if I ever were to do a FCS order for the same doll there is no way I would get all of what I have (extra hands, swarrico body, high heel feet etc) for $650! We'll see I guess, though I won't be surprised if the third buyer flakes too. Or maybe it will be third time lucky *crosses fingers*.

Pipos are going to be releasing their new basics soon and a cute new bunny with teef, I guess to tie in with the Year of the Rabbit! Yay for bunnies! Expect lot's of bunny pics coming your way ;D Did I mention I have a Pipos Dali and Gift edition Ringos coming from Pipos? I can't remember if I did, they were on layaway but are all paid now thanks again to Lati vamp sales :o) I got Dali in grey skin, she looks kinda spooky but I like it.

I am loving aussiedolls photo challenge. It has given me a fresh, new motivation to be creative and get snapping with the camera. I have even had thoughts of making a diorama for my Pipos critters :D I have a ton of craft things I want to do at the moment - finish cuckoo clock, make some more atc's, start on the dollhouses. If I can crawl out from underneath this never ending pile of housework I may actually get time to do it. It doesn't help having kids home all the time on holidays either lol. It will probably be best to leave anything crafty until they have gone back to school. Which leads me to my question for all you busy crafty ladies on my followers list, how do you make time for your hobbies? I really would love to know and any time management tips you have might save me from drowning in my housework! :D

S'all for now :o)

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