Monday, January 31, 2011

52/5 ~ Best Friends

Getting in early with week 5 photo challenge pic because I know the rest of the week could be a little chaotic with school starting back.

This morning I was very pleasantly surprised to find a Blossom Flowerpot Lalaloopsy doll in Big W :D I had just been saying on flickr yesterday how much I wanted one but didn't want to have to pay the enormous shipping that goes with buying from overseas. The dolly gods must have been listening for once ;o)

So here she is with her best bud Jewel Sparkles <3


  1. What a cute pic! I haven't seen Blossom Flowerpot in Toronto anywhere and she's the one I've been waiting for!

  2. Blossom is my fave, she is so soft and pretty, she even has little freckles!

  3. i have the whole set of the miniature lalaloopsy dolls... they are gorgeous!

  4. Oh you are so lucky Mandy C, they are so adorable! Thanks for stopping by btw, I love your blog :D