Sunday, January 16, 2011

52/2 Cake, anyone?

Just scraping in with week 2 of the photo challenge :o) Here is Bombalurina my little Pipos Heero.


  1. I love your picture. Heero has such an expression. :P What outfit is she wearing? It's really nice. Good luck in the photo challenge. I've always wondered what it would be like to take such awesome photos that one could enter a contest! :D

  2. This outfit is from Pipos, it's called Darjeeling :o)
    The photo challenge is just something my friend set up on live journal, post one doll/toy photo a week for 52 weeks (we were all felling no motivation on the doll photography front so this was a good way to stir things up a bit). So not a contest, my photos would never be good enough to enter a contest lol. Hey you should join in too, one photo a week that's all :o)

  3. Fun! I think I might! Maybe it will get me feeling motivated to take pictures of my things. :D I'm going to post my first one today on my blog. :) For some reason I got out of your post it was a contest. :P