Saturday, December 30, 2006


NAME: Freya
NAME MEANING: Goddess Of Love, Fertility And Beauty
TYPE: Cerberus Project Dark Elf Soo
SKIN: Beauty White
AESTHETICS: Luts Default Faceup
EYES: 18mm Souldoll Pale Pink
WIG: Luts DW-12 Pearl White
CLOTHING: Moggies Toyshop
SHOES: Luts Pretty Candies - Shiny Black

Freya came to us quite unexpectedly. I really had no intention of buying another doll so soon after Lulu. Then one day I was looking through the Marketplace on DOA and there she was. I fell in love with her instantly.

She wasn't what I would normally go for in dolls - the white hair and pink eyes! She was wearing a darker pink pair of ED eyes when I first saw her and when I bought her the eyes had already sold to someone else. So me being the perfectionist that I am, I had to track down a pair of ED eyes exactly like what she first had. I got them eventually, it took about three months on a group order. But I never put them in Freya (Lulu has them in at the moment) I really love her with pale pink eyes.

I thought I would post the pics of Freya's arrival here because I didn't have a blog when she arrived. It was such an exciting day, she was even more beautiful than on the pictures I had seen of her. Although I don't really have a favorite girl out of all my dolls because I go through phases of liking one more than the other. Freya does hold a special place in my heart, she has a very ethereal quality to her. I'm always on the look out for a flowy, elfin type of outfit for her even though she usually wears quite Gothicy (is that even a real word?? lol) type clothes I think she would look better in something more fantasy inspired to compliment her elfin look.

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