Thursday, April 21, 2011

Procrastination 101

I'm procrastinating.....

I should be moving furniture in the doll room but it's much easier to sit on the couch and type this lol. I've done the first coat of paint on my shabby chic dresser. Hope to have the final coat done this afternoon. Then I should be able to set it up in the doll room tomorrow, hence all the moving of furniture.

The cupboards I am moving out of the doll room are twice the size of the dresser so I really have to cull a lot of stuff. So far the kids have been given a massive box full of craft stuff that I haven't used for the past ten years ( why oh why do I hoard so much stuff!) and I've reduced my fabric stash to half. Still have many boxes of embroidery threads that belonged to my mum that I just can't bare to part with. I might just get a big storage box and put a load of stuff in one of the linen cupboards lol. See, thats the hoarder in me talking.

Anyway we are half way there :) I am hoping to be able to share pics of it all by the weekend.

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