Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doll ramble...

First of all, Happy Easter everyone! Hope the Easter bunny has been generous :D

I am really enjoying this long weekend. It's been quiet and relaxing. The kids and I met up with some other school mums and kids for a casual birthday party/movie outing and we saw Hop, it was really cute and of course perfect timing for Easter. My kids have been extra excited about Easter this year and they truly believe the Easter bunny lives across the road from us in the bush, it's so sweet.

My Pipos Charlotte and Hypermaniac Kakiva are on route as I type. Having second thoughts about Charlotte and thinking I might let her go when she arrives but we'll see. The doll room sort out continues. I feel like I have a room that is about 40% too small for the amount of stuff I have. I really need to think before I buy any more bitty little things I just don't have room for them. But I am a sucker for little trinkety things, I must have been a magpie in a former life.

Today I am going to paint the top part of the dresser and then it will be all finished. The base part is already in and filled with sewing gear. My father in law said I did a good job and he really liked it which was a great compliment from him because he really likes wood to look like wood and not covered with paint. I wonder what my mum would think? This dresser was her pride and joy.

I've decided if I ever get a Kaye Wiggs doll I want it to be a fair skin Miki (above). Jpop are releasing a fair skin elf Miki sometime this year. I'm not overly fussed about the elf ears but it a lot cheaper to preorder an elf Miki through Jpop than to buy a human Miki secondhand from eBay, like about $500 cheaper. I've noticed that Lati and Kaye Wiggs dolls really seem to go up in value on the secondary market. Not that I buy dolls just to make a profit but it's good to be able to see which ones increase in value. I'm really quite taken with Kaye's dolls. Their faces are beautiful especially their lips, full and pouty, but in a childlike way. I look at them and see my daughters and I think this is what makes me want them more. I know I will end up studying them intensely and figuring out which sculpt represents which daughter the best.

I've been doing a lot of cyber window shopping and I'm in love with two adorable outfits. One for Modigli from Neo Angelregion and one for any of my big SD girls from DollHeart. Also wigs wigs wigs!! I love the Leeloo wigs from Jpop , designed by Marbled Halls. I want one in every colour!! Especially the Ginger, I'm pining to do a redhead with big brown eyes. I love that hair/eye colour combination.

And on that note I am off to paint and eat more chocolate!

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