Monday, February 7, 2011

Miniature Monday

Yay Miniature Monday is officially a go!

Okay to get started this is the dollhouse I'm going to be working on. My childhood dollhouse made in the late 1970's by my uncle when we lived back in the UK.

As you can see it's had some rough treatment thanks to the kids (they even drew on it for Pete's sake!). I gave it a paint job about 7 years ago when I let my eldest daughter play with it. I basically used whatever left over house paint we had in the shed so it's pretty awful. I plan to sand it all back a bit and give it a complete over haul.

First thing I want to try and find is some pretty dollhouse wallpaper in like a pale pink and white stripe, and some sort of flooring, maybe a white washed type floor board. Still undecided about the exterior colours, the walls will definitely be an off white but not sure on the roof and door colour whether to go a soft grey or soft sagey green. Or maybe even do the roof in little shingles.

Rooms wise, I think I will stick with the original room design which was bedroom and bathroom up top and lounge and kitchen down the bottom.

Hopefully by next Monday we might have a bit of progress :o)

On an unrelated note, my heart goes out to all the families in Roleystone and Kelmscott who lost their homes due to a bush fire in the past 24 hours. It is just so sad :o( I still can't believe it, it has all happened so fast.

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