Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doll Ramble

I'm feeling at a low ebb in the doll hobby at the moment. Not really sure why. I'm not excited about anything, haven't found new dolls or ideas to squee over. I'm in a sad state :o( Today I am going to give the doll room an over haul and see if that get's the creative juices flowing.

I did get a jolt of excitement the other day when I finally decided on a theme for my childhood dollhouse. I was looking through some very clever miniature artisan blogs on blogger and one in particular that stood out was one for a shabby chic style bakery. I thought that is it! Shabby chic style dollhouse! My childhood dollhouse isn't a set style, so not Victorian like most dollhouse furniture, it's not really a tiny cottage either but I think it will lend itself well to a pretty shabby chic interior.

So my plan today is to make some space on the desk to fit the dollhouse on and to get started cleaning it up, fix the stairs and start planning wallpaper and flooring. I have already spied lot's of miniature pretty things on etsy. I think I'll have a look around some of the thrift type stores here to see if I can find some dollhouse furniture that can be shabby-fied into something sweet and feminine. The thing I love about this is that I am not set in stone with a particular style, so if some furniture is a bit Victorian looking and some bit's are a bit more modern it doesn't matter, as long as it's all white it will work.

My Volks Charlotte is winging her way to me now as I type. I am really looking forward to her coming. I can't wait to see her pretty face and have a solid torso SD10 again! I am thinking of calling her Babette, I have a thing for french names at the moment lol.

I was very tempted by a Volks SD16 Kira on DoA the other week, luckily for my bank account I think she has been taken down from sale now or sold or something. I did pm the seller to ask to see more pics but never heard back, so I am taking this as a sign that I really do not need to buy her lol. Yesterday I went back to Soom to look at the IMda Modigli that I fell for a few weeks ago and low and behold she is sold out! Then, last night I saw a friend on flickr had some nice Leeke mohair wigs and a Soda Cosette dress (that I have always loved) for sale, I shot her a pm and she pm'd back and said that they had all just sold five minutes earlier. It's like the universe is trying to tell me something, don't spend ya money!!! Weird! It's probably a good thing really.

I'm thinking of making regular posts to keep me motivated in what ever craft thing I might be doing. Like "Miniature Monday" will be for any dollhouse/miniature project that I'm doing, another day for atc's or card/paper craft (still thinking of a witty name fort that one, any suggestions?), another day for dolls/toys - which at the moment will be the 52 week photo challenge thanks to aussiedolls :o) (I am really enjoying this btw). I just thought that I enjoy blogging and I am finding with the photo challenge it gives me a reason to get motivated, I have to take the photo each week and post it and maybe that same sort of challenge would work for other hobbies that I am lacking motivation in. For me, I get all too stuck in the planning and dreaming stage of a project and then I never follow through and actually do anything. I don't know whether it's a time constraint thing or maybe I am just a lazy dreamer lol. Well I thought I would give it a go anyway and see what happens, so stay tuned for more regular rambling ;o)


  1. Ha ha, we all go through the dolly dolldrums, this too shall pass! :o)

  2. Ah yes I know, it's just frustrating lol