Monday, January 1, 2007


NAME: Astrid
NAME MEANING: God's Strength
BIRTHDAY: 29th August
TYPE: Cerberus Project Juri Limited Edition Head & Cerberus Project Miyu Body.
SKIN: Normal
AESTHETICS: Luts Default Faceup
EYES: 18mm Enchanted Doll No 36
WIG: Luts DW-15 Blonde
CLOTHING: Spookychicks
SHOES: Luts Lace Up Boots - Shiny Black

I first saw the Juri sculpt not long after I had ordered Lulu my Soony. She was a limited edition that was put out by Luts at Christmas 2005. She was a free gift with orders over a certain amount of dollars (not sure how much exactly).
So I set about trying to find one for sale, I knew I wanted one with normal skintone and with the default Luts faceup. I managed to find one on eBay - thank god for eBay! LOL and the lady who was selling her was also a member on DOA so that was nice. After a few months I bought a body for her off a member on DOA - thank god for DOA also!! :o)
Her eyes came a few months after that. I waited ages on a group order for ED eyes, they were worth the wait! And so Astrid was born! I never think of my dolls as complete until they have a body and eyes.
No arrival pics this time as she came in bits and pieces, a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. She has so much personality, I love her cheeky expression.

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