Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Photo Theme ~ Spring

Scraping in by the skin of my teeth....again! lol.

Spring has sprung here in the southern hemisphere though it has been very cold and wet for the last week. Today however is a lovely Spring day and I suddenly felt happier and more enthusiastic about things like taking dolly photos :o)

Here is Mirabelle in her new wig and headband.

Don't forgot October is right around the corner. Octobers photo theme is of course Halloween!! If you are up for a daily challenge don't forgot 31 days of Halloween (one Halloweenish photo everyday for the month of October) :D Instagram tag #31dayshalloween and my Instagram name is resinangels. If you don't have Instagram, why the hell not!? LOL Just joking, if you don't have Instagram and you want to play along just post here or Flickr :D


  1. Gorgeous photos of Mirabelle, Sam. She looks positively magical.

  2. Thanks so much Rosey, I really should pay more attention to this dolly <3