Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wish List Wednesday....and a few other tidbits ;o)

Yay my first wishlist Wednesday :D

I'm not really sure what I'm wishing for lately but I know I'm hankering for a new dolly of some sort. I've been buying a lot of Monster High dolls lately and by a lot I mean this many...

I'd really like to get a MH Venus and the Werecat Twins so I guess they are my wishlist dolls at the moment. I'd really like to get one of Marmite Sue's Angel Egg dolls too, so fingers crossed she gets her online store up and running soon :o)

I'm waiting until I move my doll room to the spare bedroom so I can unpack everything and display them all properly. I haven't been able to do the new doll room because we had family come to stay with us for my birthday party which was last weekend. It was the big 4 0 so I thought I better do something for it so we threw a big party and it was great fun.

My dress was from a UK company called Hell Bunny, I am officially addicted to their dresses and petticoats they are so much fun to wear, great for parties. The cake was made by my dear best friend, three delicious layers of chocolate mudcake.

So I'm 40 now, I hope that doesn't mean I have to start growing up lol ;o)

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  1. Holy Moly !
    That's an amazin' amount of MH dolls !!
    Fantastic cake too - congrats on your milestone 40.
    Girls who play with dolls never grow up ^_^