Sunday, August 5, 2007

Unoa Obsession

Well for once in my life I think I have made the right decision. When I bought my Sist off eBay I was so worried about the amount that I paid for her. She cost me a lot more than she would have done on the pre-order but I well and truly missed the pre-order so it just wasn't an option for me.

I thought if I waited until the end of the year to buy a unoa it would be when we are moving and we'd be getting ready for Christmas, plus I hate Christmas post, so many things go missing and it takes longer.

Anyway, the Japanese customers have obviously got their unoa pre-orders now and they are starting to sell on eBay. There is a Sist on there at the moment starting price of $900USD, this makes me feel a lot better about what I paid for mine!

Then last week I also got a Lusis kit off eBay from the same seller that sold me the Sist. I know, I know, I was meant to be on a dolly diet. Anyway it has turned out to be the right decision I think. The seller was kind enough to throw in a free large bust kit for me because she said my payment was excellent, so sweet :o) I paid more for the Lusis but that's to be expected, from what I've seen they usually go for more that the Sist. I ended up paying less for a brand new kit with large bust than the two previous ones sold on DOA recently and now there is another Lusis on eBay from Japan selling with a buy it now price of $850USD, again more than what I paid.

So I'm glad I didn't wait. People are certainly making money on the kits from the pre-order. It will be interesting to watch over the next few weeks to see what happens with the prices.

So now I really need to sell a couple of my big girls to pay for the new ones. I'm just about to put my VDES on ebay today. Every single spare penny will be going on the credit card now that is for sure.

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