Sunday, March 4, 2007

Update on the search for Miss Lily Pearl

Well to my absolute amazement within a week of me posting my "Desperately Seeking Miss Lily Pearl" thread on DOA her new owner made contact with me. She was ever so nice about the whole situation. It must have been kind of weird seeing a thread about a doll which you own and some stranger wanting to buy her.

Anyway, she was very polite and understanding. She doesn't want to sell Lily as she really likes her. But she did say if she ever decides to sell her she will let me know first. So that is good.
Of course I was heartbroken that she didn't want to sell her, but I can't say I blame her. If I ever get the chance to own Lily I will never let her go.

So where do I go from here, do I wait and see or do I try and buy a Soo head and get a face up done similar to Lily's. I am really kicking myself now as I did own a Soo head and I just sold it on eBay a couple of months ago so I could have the money to put towards my VDES.
I was going to get her face redone and then decided that no, I probably would never do it, so I sold it. When it sold on eBay I was kind of sad but what could I do I couldn't back out on the sale it wouldn't have been fair to the person who won her.
Grrrrrrrr totally kicking myself now, I always do that. Note to self : hoard, hoard, never get rid of anything ever again!!!!

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